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About Orange Door and Short-Term Rentals

Orange Door partners with all property owners to bring amazing short-term rentals to the market which generate life-changing passive income. Whether you have a single extra room in your home or a portfolio of multi-unit properties, we have solutions we can provide for you.

We specialize in transforming guesthouses, service quarters, converted garages/Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs), spare bedrooms & multi-unit properties into short-term rentals. We love working with properties of all shapes and sizes. Let's discuss the world of options for your property!


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Now offering Airbnb co-hosting services

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Short-term rental transformation
& management

Orange Door provides 24/7 co-hosting services

Unlock the full potential of your Airbnb hosting journey with Orange Door's unparalleled co-hosting services. Imagine having Orange door's teams perform your hosting requirements by providing round-the-clock guest services that go beyond expectations. From seamless check-ins to lightning-fast issue resolution, our 24/7 guest support team ensures your guests experience the epitome of hospitality. Forget the stress of managing queries or dealing with unexpected situations in the middle of the night – Orange Door's expert team is there for you. With us, your space transforms into a hassle-free haven, leaving you with more time to enjoy the benefits of hosting. 

New to the world of short-term rentals?


We are experts in transforming properties into income-generating short-term rentals. We can consult with you through the entire process and provide varying levels of involvement. From helping property owners along every step toward launching their own properties to executing 100% of the work for you, we are here to help you.


Is short-term renting legal for my property?


Orange Door works exclusively with 100% legal short-term rental properties that follow all local and state ordinances. We are experts in this highly evolving world of short-term rentals and will guide you through it all step-by-step.

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Income property consultations 

Free initial consultation

We know what it takes to develop an existing property into a successful income generating short-term rental. During our initial consultation we will evaluate your property, understand the  goals you have for your property and highlight the ways that we can partner with you to realize your goals.

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Stay at one of our properties

Stay at one of our amazing units

Orange Door specializes in curating thoughtful spaces that meet our guests. We customize our properties to accommodate various needs including vacation travel, business travel, locals that are temporarily displaced due to home renovation or those that need a temporary home due to misaligned escrow or lease dates.

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